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NEW - Download and distribute our leaflet 'What you need to know about Academies'

Read our briefing on the problems with Free Schools here
Read our briefing on conversion to Academy status here

Read our briefing on Tauheedul Free Schools here

Read our briefing on Oasis Community Learning here

Older resources

NEW: our latest 2-sided leaflet

Download our Public Meeting flyer here

Download our new leaflet, including details of the public meeting, here

**Download our new window poster here**

Download our new updated leaflet here

Download our hard copy petition here

Other resources:

Lots of very good resources from the National Union of Teachers on Free Schools including their impact on other local schools and on the way in which they inject competition into schooling:

A briefing from the Anti-Academies Alliance on Free Schools:

A brilliant site run by Fiona Millar and Melissa Benn with masses of analysis of the Free Schools and Academies policies and their real impact (as opposed to what the government says about them):

Some more background on Oasis Community Learning from the National Union of Teachers:

Waltham Forest Anti-Academies Alliance Facebook Group:!/pages/Waltham-Forest-Anti-Academy-Campaign/360911357311946?sk=info

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