Thursday, 20 June 2013

More challenges to the proposed Free Schools – How about a bit of information?

Following on from our earlier democratic challenge to Tauheedul and Oasis, we haven’t given up on the idea that the people proposing the new Free Schools might feel that they should have to tell the people of Waltham Forest something about their new schools.

That’s why we have submitted a raft of questions to them and to the Department for Education (under the Freedom of Information Act) asking for details on a wide range of issues, including their admissions policies, their policies on special educational needs, their employment of teachers and their plans to, you know… consult.
You can read the questions we’ve submitted to each sponsor here and obviously, we’ll let you know if anyone tells us anything.

Oasis's response to our first request for information is here

And here is our response in the form of a new FOI

And here is our FOI to Tauheedul

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