Thursday, 7 February 2013

Just a few of your comments...

Here are just a few of the comments of people supporting our campaign and signing our petition:

We have very good community schools in LBWF that will be adversely affected on several levels if this is allowed. It will also create divisions in our society. Schools should have qualified teaching staff, be inclusive and teach the curriculum.
I think that we should focus resources on existing community schools rather than these "free schools". We see today that Accademies are costing £1billion more than expected, I wish this extra money was spent on community schools rather than the opt-out brigade who wish to have something special for their children alone.

We need to support the schools we already have, instead of undermining them by building Free schools that will decrease the numbers attending our community schools. This will threaten the very survival of inclusive education in this borough. Why don't we increase the capacity in our existing secondary schools, just as the primary schools have done?

When the time comes for my child to go to secondary school, I would like to see a good selection of local schools, with good teaching and facilities. I believe the LEA is best placed to provide this. I do not believe it is right for education to be placed in the hands of commercial organisations (academies) or organisations with biased, vague or undisclosed agendas (free schools).

I am opposed to the incremental break up of the state education. When fundamental reforms take place in other crucial services, consultation takes place, for instance the NHS. In this instance, a policy is in place which does not have the benefit of consultation and as a result there are no checks and balances in the new system which is being imposed on parts of the british education system through coercion of those running schools placed in impossible situations and complicity of those in local governments and otherwise. And there is always a risk of a third 'c' that often rears its head at some point where coercion and complicity exist, and the ends have justified means the reprecusions of which have not been fully assessed.

With the imminent rebuild of Willowfield School in Walthamstow and the number of Secondary Schools with places I see no reason why we would need another school in Waltham Forest.

Fully agree that consultation was biased. Also believe Oasis and WSSI are deliberately undermining the very good work done by Walthamstow schools whilst exaggerating the success of Oasis schools to suit their case. Further believe that the LA must rapidly get and publicise clarification on the pupil placement issue to show the Oasis/WSSI case is fundamentally flawed.

It is, in my view, essential that we support state schools and avoid the competition and 'privatisation' which free schools create.

“I find the whole government agenda of moving away from la run schools into the hands of religious institutions very worrying. I'm not sure the public at large is aware of or understands what is happening.

Education is a right which cannot be adequately provided by the private sector.

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