Friday, 8 February 2013

Public Meeting: Education Crisis in Waltham Forest?


Hosted by Waltham Forest Defend State Schools

Friday 1 March - 8pm, Welcome Centre - Off Church Hill, or Church Lane in Walthamstow Village, E17 9RJ

Speakers to be confirmed
  • Is there a crisis in our education system in Waltham Forest?
  • Are Free Schools or Academies the Answer?
  • What happened to the idea of comprehensive education for all?
Come and hear the case against Free Schools and Academies and discuss the crisis in Waltham Forest


 There are now two proposals for Free Schools in Waltham Forest. More schools face conversion to Academy status, in the face of fierce local opposition.

We are told that Free Schools are the only answer to a demographic timebomb in the area, but is this true? Or do they pose a greater threat to our existing schools?

We are told that Academy status will improve our schools, but the evidence suggests it makes little or no difference to the quality of the school, promotes greater selection and makes our schools less accountable to our communities.

It's time to start a proper public debate and expose the half truths and misconceptions that circulate around education in our borough.

Be at this meeting.

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