Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Download and share our latest leaflet

We've had a tremendous response to our call for help in distributing leaflets and building our campaign. We've leafleted in the market square alongside colleagues in the NUT for the last two Saturdays, handed out hundreds of leaflets and got more signatures for our petition. But most overwhelming has been the steady stream of people volunteering to put our leaflet through their doors or hand them to parents at their school gates. We're working hard to make sure that everyone who has volunteered gets a batch of leaflets but bear with us if it takes a few days!

If you can help us by downloading or sharing our leaflet via email networks of social media, please do so. You can find our latest leaflet here.

Why is this so important?

We've achieved a massive amount in a short space of time and become a major progressive voice for education in our borough.

We've raised the profile of the issues of Free Schools, academies and of the government's wider attacks on our education system - and on teachers.

We've also worked hard to support our community schools and counter some of the misconceptions and myths that circulate around them, thanks in part to government propaganda. But to support and encourage our community schools we need to become bigger and extend our reach.

Everything we do is down to volunteers giving up time, however small, to support our schools.

Please help us by making sure this leaflet gets out as far as possible.

If you know anyone who hasn't yet signed our petition, ask them to sign online here.

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