Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Our Community, Our Schools, supporting our schools and our teachers

Although one Free School has been delayed and another spectacularly collapsed recently, and in spite of the national media attention on the failings of Free Schools, Tauheedul’s ‘Walthamstow Leadership Academy’ is still intending to open in September 2014. That means that our community schools need our support more than ever.

We have three main aims.
Firstly, to build support for our community schools. With competition from at least one ‘Free School’, they will need our support and our involvement more than ever. We’ll be running regular items on our blogsite on how you can get involved in supporting your local community schools.

Secondly, to raise awareness of the dangers posed by the planned Free Schools and to give a voice to everyone who wants our children to be provided for within the local authority, comprehensive community school sector.

Third, to build our own campaign and extend our reach.

As part of this campaigning, we will be out leafleting alongside the NUT on the next two Saturdays of this month. On March 26th, the NUT, will be taking strike action against attacks on their pay, conditions of service and pensions. Ahead of this, they have also launched the ‘Stand up for Education’. This campaign draws together the various government attacks on teachers and on our schools and seeks to unite parents and teachers around basic demands and principles that should underpin a good education system. You can read more about this campaign here.

Local teachers who are NUT members will be out leafleting in support of this campaign in Walthamstow in the market square at 11am on Saturday 15 March and Saturday 22 March and OCOS supporters will be joining them with our own new leaflet, which you can see here.

Can you help us by joining our supporters for an hour this Saturday or next Saturday?

Would you be prepared to help by leafleting your neighbourhood and making sure that everyone gets one of our leaflets through their door?

If so, please email

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